Stacey Kelleher


Stacey Kelleher is a Boston-based singer/songwriter. She currently attends the prestigious Berklee College of Music, working to enhance and strengthen her pop/country writing skills. Stacey is an avid pianist/guitarist/vocalist and plays several gigs all over Massachusetts as well as her home state of New Hampshire. Some of her gigs include restaurant settings, writer's rounds, weddings, birthday parties, private functions/events and more. Her unique raspy vocal quality and honed songwriting gives her a maturity well beyond her 19 years. Stacey works diligently to balance her solo career with her Berklee education, doing double-duty 24/7 to become the best all-around musician she can possibly be. 

While songwriting is Stacey's main focus at Berklee, it's not her sole skill. Stacey also takes several courses in production, giving her the ability to create her own music right at home. Being skilled with both Logic Pro X and Ableton Live Digital Audio Workstations, Stacey often produces her own demos as well as cover songs.

Stacey is the music director at First Baptist Church of Winchester, Massachusetts, where she works with a band of Berklee students to rehearse contemporary worship music for each Sunday's service. See her in action at 10am each Sunday morning.

 Want to learn some of Stacey's musical skills? She is also a private lesson teacher, coaching students of all ages in person and via Skype. Stacey has been singing all her life and is equally skilled on both piano and guitar. Send her a message through the "Booking" form to set up a time and date.